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Just a thanks!

I would just like to thank everyone for following me over that past couple months on my blog. As the semester is winding down I’ve realized how much I have learned about myself, teamwork, and especially networking and social media. Thanks again for following, see you on the inter web soon!

Real Food Rookie

My mom has recently started a new blog to help herself, and others to start eating healthier. She has been researching healthy foods and recipes.

Get together with some friends and make a pact to eat healthy together! It’s much easier to accomplish goals when you have some fun competition with your friends to be healthier overall.

Stay healthy, stay happy, work together!




Every once in a while we all need a pick me up. This weekend I went to see Brian Reagan, the comedian. I went with a bunch of my family members and friends.

It’s nice to take a step back from reality and enjoy good company and some good laughs. Too meany people in America get so stressed out. Stress effects work relationships and relationships at home.

So take a few minutes, find something that makes you smile and laugh a little when you feel stressed.